You know what work-from-home beauty bloggers do after the kids are in bed? Put on all their jewelry and make their husbands take pictures of their arms. At least the rookies, anyway. Maybe once I’m a seasoned beauty blogger, I’ll be able to take my own arm photos.

Why arm photos? Research, my friend. You don’t think I just recommend stuff willy nilly, do you? I had been wondering about Avon’s Be Blushed Cheek Color for a while but had never given it a try. Blush has always been a challenge for me and I wasn’t sure which color to choose. But after getting professionally beautified for Avon’s upcoming ad campaign and hearing the pros rave about this product, I knew I was missing out. No more! I ordered ALL of the colors and got to work. Seeing the product on skin gives you a better idea of what your working with and I wanted to save my face for my favorite color. Why put on all my jewelry just to try on blush? Why not?! My days are wash-and-wear (and then wash again) so some frivolous bedazzling at night brings me back to center.

First, let me tell you, I like my makeup like I like my…self. Multi-tasking and on the go. This twist-up blush stick is a cream formula that’s sheer and naturally looking, moisturizing, luminescent, and—BONUS!—can even be used on your lips. So if you don’t want to carry a ton of products with you, this will be your new bff.

Be Blushed Cheek Color

Now there are lots of thoughts that go through your head when you’re a grown woman drawing stripes on your arm. But foremost in my mind was the image of my five year old waking up and catching me. Similar to how I feel when I  eat ice cream and do crafts after hours, I know that it’s risky. My daughter already suspects that the party starts after the kids go to bed and, if her suspicions are confirmed, she’ll NEVER. GO. TO. SLEEP. AGAIN.

Colors from elbow to wrist: Mandarin Glow, Golden Rose, Pink Melon, Blushing Nude, Icy Petal, Powder Pink, Tropical Peach, Crushed Berry

For arm application, I swiped right from the stick but I really like to use this brush to put it on my cheeks. Once you blend it, it’s pretty subtle. And that means it’s forgiving. Like I said before, I’m blush-challenged and this is a product I can handle. To prove it, here’s a blurry photo* of me wearing Mandarin Glow as both cheek and lip color.

Avon's Be Blushed Cheek Color
*Sorry, my new iPhone hasn’t come in yet.

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    Ooooooo! I absolutely love creme cheek color for the colder weather…seems to really brighten the skin….great as we move indoors, subtle lights and all. Thanks for showing us these really pretty colors Lydia:)…and double duty? Who doesn’t love that?

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    Love that you can use it on the lips too!! Plus I love your midnight dress up/ craft parties 🙂

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    What a great way to test colors. Dual purpose products are just what I like.

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