Have you ever had to describe, in detail, your personal style? It’s an interesting exercise in self-reflection and really highlights how you spend your time. In preparation for the Avon shoot, I was asked to send over photos of myself so that the stylists could see what I wear day to day and keep a sense of my real style in the final product. (Note: I suggested pajama bottoms but they went in another direction. #truestory) The problem was that I had exactly zero pictures of myself on a regular day. I have billions of the kids and hundreds of my husband because I am usually the one behind the camera. When someone else is taking photos, I usually hide because pajama bottoms. My only choice was to write it out because the selfie stick I ordered from Amazon wouldn’t arrive for two more days and the shoot stylists needed to get shopping asap.

Here is what I sent them, word for word. When the photos from the shoot are released, we can compare to see how they incorporated my style into their wardrobe choices.

Although I love dresses, my legs are usually bruised from smashing into some toy or baby gate, so I usually wear pants. On a typical day, I’m in denim. Skinny or straight leg, dark wash or black. More dressy on top with bold jewelry. I love the idea of mixing casual pieces, like denim, with dressier pieces, like a blouse and lots of jewelry. Or reversed with dressy slacks or leather pants (If I had a pair. Bucket list…) and a tee shirt. Still lots of jewelry. I think it goes well with my lifestyle–layering mom/beauty boss 😉 Because I have peanut butter smeared on me most of the time, I need to hold onto a little glamour and personal style in the day-to-day.


I tend to wear dark colored shirts/blouses because I sweat. (Let’s just be honest here.) But I LOVE color so I try and work it in wherever I can. Dyed red hair, bright lipstick, bangle bracelets, wide belts, statement necklaces, and leopard-print everything. (No dangly earrings because the baby will pull on them. Clip earrings are fine.) I love pieces with a sense of humor, something funky about them–like the stuff Kate Spade has been putting out lately with bananas and bumble bees. I often throw a cardigan over my blouses or have shell tops peaking out of pullover sweaters to sneak in color.


I love the style of the 1960s and 1970s…and 1980s. And my closet is a mixture of vintage and new. Style icons: DVF, Debbie Harry, Liz Taylor (Early years all the way through when she had crazy hair and was bffs with Michael Jackson), Cher, Cookie from Empire (Season1), Priscilla Presley, Winona Ryder


Update: @rennykaye just reminded me that much of my fashion is heavily influenced by the genius styling of Peg Bundy. I sincerely apologize for this oversight.


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    Love your site Lydia! Everything from the title to the content! And so enjoyed reading about your trip to New York! What an inspiration to women everywhere and especially to young moms! One of your biggest fans!

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