Packing for any day with two little kids is a challenge. It takes a good 45 minutes just to get shoes on them so the only way I keep my sanity is to leave the house once, get everything I need to get done in one trip, and then come home for the night. No ins and outs. Stuffing the kids in their car seats every morning, I can hear the pounding pressure of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” in my head, reminding me “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow.” Get to the park and realize you forgot water bottles? Done. Get to Target and realize you forgot your wallet? Game Over. Get to one kid’s school and find out the hard way you forgot baby wipes for the other. Cry in your car.

Now that the baby is no longer taking bottles, my load is a little lighter. But not by much. One any given day, I’m carrying at least 20 items on my (tired) person. I refuse to carry more than one bag at a time so I go for style and function always. My carry-all must be able to double as a diaper bag, and a laptop case. With about 400 cheerios thrown in.


Traveling makes this extra difficult because airplanes don’t let you check everything you own. (Dumb!) I decided I needed to just bring one bag with me for the week and my bag of choice was the Dragon Around Tote by mark. available for just $38! It was my airline carry-on, and came with me all over the city. It was there with me on set of the Avon shoot, and it road the subway and didn’t need a diaper change (unlike some of us). It took the Staten Island ferry (for free!), and it got wet at Central Park.


In this photo, the bag is holding:

  • diapers
  • wipes
  • phone
  • hand cream
  • mints
  • business cards
  • baby sweatshirt
  • baby sun hat
  • sippy cup
  • seltzer bottle
  • 3 lipsticks (don’t judge)
  • pen
  • some old receipts
  • beef jerky
  • sunglass case

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    I LOVE IT! Well done and very, very funny:) it’s the things all of us Mom Bosses can relate to:)! Keep em’ coming, looking forward to it🤗

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    I need my own bag of tricks! Great job Lydia!!!

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    I can do relate! My mom asks me to come over for the day and I have to bring the whole house. Lol.
    Congratulations on the site! Love it,!

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    Very enjoyable! I can’t wait for more! It so reminds me of my adventures with my 4 little critters! They are grown up now so my load is lightened, it just turned into an Emotional load now! Congrats!!!

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    Lydia! I’m loving this and all the posts on your blog. Just fantastic. It has been wonderful watching you grow and kick ass in this business. You are the poster child for beauty!

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