This week has been a mix of dream-come-true and business as usual. In the past five days, I have flown to New York with my daughters and husband, stayed in a 4-star hotel in the heart of Times Square, and shown my family the sights courtesy of my Avon business. Just a few short weeks ago, Avon called to ask if I, along with my daughters, would appear in a national ad showcasing the #bosslife. I laughed because, when the call came in, I was living it to the fullest. Checking out at a store, my mother and I played man-on-man defense keeping the two girls in view. As Jara, Avon’s Director of Brand Advertising, explained the vision of the campaign, I could only hear portions mixed in with the cries of my 18-month-old and the whining complaints that we were taking too long as per usual from my five-and-a-half-year-old. By the end of the call, when I said “I love it!!!” and “Can I bring my husband to help with the girls?” I had one child in the stroller, one by the ankle, and I turned to my mom and mouthed, “holy crap.” Was this really happening?

It didn’t sink in until we were actually there, sitting in the gorgeous house Avon had set up for the shoot. This was happening. I was lead to a trailer that was air conditioned (halleluiah!) and fully stocked with our beauty products and clothes for me to try. I was handed a robe and waited to get my hair styled and my makeup professionally applied with the very same products that filled my bathroom cabinet at home.


Meanwhile, my husband was doing what was usually my daytime dirty work. Feeding the kids, changing diapers and leading guided tours to the potty, keeping them from poking each other in the eyes, all while trying to keep up semi-coherent conversations with the adults in the room. When I came in, he looked relieved and I took it as a moment of validation. He gets what I do and what my days are like. Now if he just tried to run a business at the same time 🙂
It was a long day on set, with about 30 crew members there. #nobigdeal The first half of the day was dedicated to photos and, the second half, video for the digital portion of the campaign. At this point, I’m not exactly sure how far-reaching the print campaign will go but I do know that they told me not to move too far to the right because I would be in the “gutter” (the term for the fold of a magazine on a full-page spread) and they took shots designed for both horizontal and vertical layouts. Until I hear more, I may or may not be picturing myself spinning in the streets a la Carrie Bradshaw with a picture of herself on a bus rolling by behind her. Of course, in my world, Carrie would be doused with yogurt or spaghetti sauce instead of city puddle water. We have that too but I don’t get out enough to experience it.

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