We hear so much about following through, about fighting for our goals, about never giving up. But rarely do we cheer the ability to recognize when we need a change and encourage the gumption to act on it. Knowing when to “fold ‘em” is as important as knowing when to “hold ‘em” (Thanks, Kenny Rogers!) and sometimes a good pivot is all you need to get yourself in line.

The new year begins now and we’ve all got resolutions. I’ve certainly got a few myself that include going bigger on my current projects and starting a few new ones. There is so much I want to hold onto that bloomed in 2016. Last year was nuts but, for me personally, it was the good kinda nuts. My babies started doing amazing things like walking and going to school. They even like each other most of the time and decided they wanted to share a bedroom. And it’s the best thing ever. One bedtime routine: pajamas, teeth brushing, prayers, kisses, done. DONE!

We made a deal: they could try on my lipstick if I could be in charge of application.

My business has been totally insane thanks to 2016. Did you know I was in a magazine?! Like a whole bunch of them. Right now you can find me and my oldest daughter just hanging out on the inside front cover of Parents and Better Home & Gardens (!) On top of that, I got to work with amazing leaders across the country to build their businesses and the team I lead sold over $1.6 million last year alone. As a beauty boss, I began to move beyond the skills I gained from listening and brought more of myself into the business. I was honored to go New York to help develop new tools for all Avon Representatives. And I started this blog which allows me to joke about how absurd the life of a work-from-home mom can be and revisit my super dusty love for stringing words together. Thanks to all for indulging me. xoxo

But, you know, something just wasn’t quite right about the blog and I need a revision. Though I originally liked the name “IsntSheBoss” because it nodded to the Stevie Wonder song and replaced “lovely” with a sense of entrepreneurship, I found myself hesitating to post things.

Who am I? What is this blog about? How fun are photo filters?!

I did some soul searching and realized I was still holding back. One thing that I love about the life I’ve built is I can be exactly who I want. I was presenting myself like an Angela but, dammit, I’m a Mona. So I’m keeping what’s important–the content, the comments, the space–and changing the title. “Heart of Glam” feels right and, more often than not, the gut knows best.

Professionalism, meet Panache, and don’t mind her baby tugging on her earrings.




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