I know you can multi-task #likeaboss. It’s the only way we get things done. I once heard someone compare trying to clean while the kids are awake to shoveling snow during a blizzard. WORD. Certain things are worth saving for later. But if you can do two, three, four things at once, that later could be better saved for an episode of Mob Wives, or a nap, or…anything but cleaning. Usually our multi-tasking involves multiple tasks for our kids. But have you ever considered the possibility of pampering yourself while you do dirty jobs for the littles?

Getting certified as an Avon makeup and skincare expert taught me lots of useful beauty knowledge, like how to choose the right foundation shade and how skincare products are designed to work together. But my favorite takeaways from these trainings were the little side-notes and tips on how we could use stuff that even I–the woman who only grocery shops once a month–have in reach on a daily basis. And I love the idea of turning one of the most unpleasant tasks, like potty training, into opportunities for beauty.


2016-10-16-000722Most Common Use: Wiping snot

Beauty Hack: Determine your skin type

Finding the products that will compliment you best starts with knowing what you’re working with. Your makeup and your skincare should go together, highlighting the features you’re most proud of while caring for your skin. Should you go with a liquid formula foundation or powder? A lightweight lotion moisturizer or a richer cream? It’s all about your skin type! If that fancy bigger-than-your-diaper-bag contouring palette is not a good fit for you, it doesn’t matter what Pinterest says.

So here’s what you do:

  • Go dig that box of tissues out of your minivan and put it in your bathroom.
  • The next time you’re waiting for your kid to go pee-pee, take a tissue and press it to your face.
  • Remove your hands.

Whether or not the tissue sticks to your face and for how long will reveal whether your skin is dry, normal, oily, or a combination of these types in different areas. The more moisture on the surface of your face, the longer the tissue will adhere.

Tissue falls immediately  Dry
Tissue sticks for a second, then falls  Normal
Tissue sticks for longer than a second  Oily
Tissue sticks to parts of face, not others  Combo

*I tried this little trick on my five-year-old and the tissue never fell. Turns out her skin type is peanut butter.


Most Common2016-10-16-002112 Use: Displaying toddler art and/or school lunch menus on your fridge

Beauty Hack: Avoid frown lines

Just like our kids peeing their pants, sometimes we do damage and don’t even realize it. Exhibit A: the crease lines between my eyebrows. I unknowingly scrunch up my face all the time and my  forehead is paying the price. Luckily there is a fix! Placing tape on your face in spots where you have expression lines will make those movements easier to feel and thus stop.

So here’s what you do:

  • Place a strip of tape across the areas of your face where you see expression lines forming.
  • When you feel the tape wrinkle, practice that mindfulness you’ve been reading about and …. relax. your. face.
  • Do this for a month when you don’t care if you look crazy, and you’ll be rid of Bitchy Resting Face (BRF) for good.
Face when you’re driving and your kid has to go potty RIGHT NOW! and someone cuts you off (Dramatic Reenactment)
Face when you hear your kid leaving the bathroom but you just know they didn't wash their hands.
Face when you hear your kid leaving the bathroom but you just know they didn’t wash their hands
Face when your kid has to go potty for the third time in the twenty minutes you’ve been in the same store #jesustakethewheel

Toilet Seat Covers

toilet seat coversMost Common UseProtecting you and your loved ones from the nastiness of public restrooms

Beauty Hack: Blot excess face oil

Some of us prefer that dewey look; others feel most beautiful with a matte finish. But all of us need some distraction when our child has to go potty for the THIRD TIME since we’ve been in a store. Toilet seat covers are the perfect consistency for blotting oil so, by the time your baby squad is ready to wash their hands, you can be looking fresh and ready to hit your next errand as if it were your first.

So here’s what you do:

  • Get your kid seated on the potty.
  • Pull out an extra toilet seat cover.
  • Press it to the oily areas of your face and blot.
  • Take a deep breath. This is your you-time.


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    Once again, you hit it out of the park! I’m still laughing, and will absolutely try these ingenious hacks:)! Keep em’ coming, they’re the best:)!!

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    Absolutely The Best!! I love it, I wish I was privy to these hacks 20 years ago!! Oh well, I can still try them, because Lord knows as they grow into Teenagers the frown lines only get deeper!!! Lol, thanks for the smiles, I need them!

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    Classic! Gonna get some tape for the laugh lines I just got from this post:-)

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