Heart of Glam is a project I started to answer a question I get all the time: “What’s your typical day like?” Or, put another way, “How do you do it?” As someone who juggles family, friendships, a home-based business, and the occasional craft project, I wanted to show that our “typical” is often a mix of goal setting, time management, calculated risks, unexpected twists and straight-up absurdity. There’s only so much we can control. We do things the best we can, and we are allowed to enjoy ourselves along the way.

I’ve learned a lot in my five years as a mom and seven years as a small business owner with Avon and both roles have lead me to the same conclusion: success is about adaptability and a sense of humor sure helps. So here I offer my words and images, hopefully a full picture of my particular mix of family and business. Indulgent, you say? Admittedly so. But when so much of our lives is dedicated to the care of others, having a space for expression and, yes, horn-tootin’ is not something for which we need to apologize. Toot toot, baby, here I am! And I’m glad you’re here with me.